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Area of 4/11/11 Blast on Passenger Van in Kurram

The marker denotes the location of Kirman village.  The IED attack that killed 3 and injured 5 to 13 others occured in Dakeykhala, between Kirman and Parachinar per one report.  Other reports said the blast occured in Kannaki which is 4 miles north of Kirman.

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Peace Accord Seems to Crumble After Multiple Attacks

Despite the peace agreement between rival parties in Kurram, numerous attacks and kidnappings over the last two weeks have left its inhabitants confused and local leaders appealing for help from the government.

March 22: Gunmen kidnapped 4 people from a passenger bus in Parao(w) of lower Kurram.  On the same day, 20-24 people were kidnapped in the Talo Kunj (Gang) village near Bagan.  Reports blamed the “Sattar group” of Waziristan.  I could not find any previous reference to such a group although their was a village elder with that name whose residence was bombed as a suspected militant training site.

March 28: Another helicopter attack on suspected militants in the Chinarak area of central tehsil reportedly killed 8 and left others injured.  On the same day, a mortar or rocket attack by miliants in the village of Pewar, 27 km northeast of Parachinar, left one local man dead.

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Pak Security Kill 7 In Chinark Area

Gunship helicopters shelled a suspected terrorist hideout on Sunday, March 6th.  Seven were reportedly killed and 3 wounded in the Pak military strike, the second for the Chinark (Chinarak) area of Kurram this year.

Other reports stated 7 separate suspected hideouts were shelled with numbers killed varying from 5 to 6.

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Month old truce unraveling?

Two roadside bombings, one on a car in the village of Taida just south of Parachinar and another near the town of Thall on a bus traveling from Parachinar to Peshawar.  It was not clear who was responsible for either. 

Feb 28 Roadside Bomb South of ParachinarPossible location of March 2 IED attack on bus

How will the influx of Haqqani into Kurram effect the recent and fragile truce? Or has their influence been established for some time?  With an increase in high value targets, will Kurram see the number of drone strikes increase?

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Pak Security Forces Kill 11 in Chinarak Area Camp



A Friday, January 14th strike by Pakistan security forces killed 11 at what was labeled a terrorist camp.  Scores more were wounded. Some of the dead were said to be foreign fighters.

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Two Recent Items Regarding Kurram

An editorial in The Express Tribune: Our Dereliction in Kurram

(the comments section is interesting as well)

An op-ed by Farhat Taj in the Daily Times: A Report From Kurram

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Facts/Resolution of May 15th Mass Kidnapping Unclear

May 15th Kidnapping Near Kurram/Hangu Border

Several vehicles traveling from Peshawar to Parachinar were hijacked, and up to 60 people including women and children were taken hostage.  Taliban militants, or their local supporters, dressed as policemen struck in the village of Tutkas (or Tootkas) near the Kurram/Hangu border, just north of the city of Thal. 

Village of Tutkas, North of Thal

Around 50 of the hostages were released or escaped over the next two days.

By Monday, it was reported that the militants were still holding 10 men, on suspicion of being employees of the state electric company (WAPDA) or other government agency.  Local tribal elders were working towards their release and described the situation as “not a big deal”.

Another report said there were originally only 14 hostages, none of them government employees, and that all were released.

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Recent Headlines/News

March 13: Minor tribal clash near Parachinar

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Drone Strikes

February 16, 2009 – missile strikes reportedly killed 30 AQ and Taliban (none senior) at a training camp in the village of Ahmadi Shama in the Sur Pul (or Sarpal; Surkh Pul) area of Sadda Tehsil, Lower Kurram. Sur Pul is reportedly 18 kilometers south of Sadda.  The camp is run by Bahram Khan Kochi, a Taliban commander.

February 16, 2009 Drone Strike

March 12, 2009 – missile strikes killed 25 and wounded 50 Pak/Afghan Taliban and Arab AQ at a training center and logistical hub of the joint AQ and Taliban paramilitary “Shadow Army”.  Included in the structures leveled was the house of a tribal elder named Malik Jamil.  The camp was located in the Berju (or Barjo) area of Central Kurram, although I could not determine the exact location.  Some reports place Berju “about 20 kilometers from the Afghan border”, while others said it was “90 kilometers northeast of Parachinar City”, and still another said it was”80 kilometers east of Parachinar”.  The camp was run by local Taliban commander Fazal Saeed Utezai who was reportedly not killed in the attack. 

Via the New America Foundation :

Of the 131 reported drone strikes in Pakistan from 2004 to 2010, only two were in the Kurram Agency.

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